A Death in Live Oak: A Jack Swytek Novel – James Grippando Unabridged (mp3/m4b音频) 332.73 MBs

A Death in Live Oak: A Jack Swytek Novel  - James Grippando Unabridged (mp3/m4b音频) 422.06 MBs




332.73 MBs



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A Death in Live Oak: A Jack Swytek Novel - James Grippando Unabridged (mp3/m4b音频) 332.73 MBs




Written by James Grippando Read by Jonathan Davis Format: MP3 Bitrate: 64 Kbps Unabridged

Series: Jack Swytek, book 14 Publisher: HarperCollins Release date: February 6, 2018 Duration: 12:06:39

From the 2017 winner of the Harper Lee Prize for legal fiction comes a powerful and timely story of race, politics, injustice, and murder as shocking and incendiary as today’s headlines. Defense attorney Jack Swyteck defends a white college student charged in Florida’s first racial terror lynching in more than a half century.

When the body of Jamal Cousin, president of the pre-eminent black fraternity at the University of Florida, is discovered hogtied in the Stygian water swamps of the Suwanee River Valley, the death sets off a firestorm that threatens to rage out of control when a fellow student, Mark Towson, the president of a prominent white fraternity, is accused of the crime.

Contending with rising political tensions, racial unrest, and a sensational media, Towson’s defense attorney, Jack Swyteck, knows that the stakes could not be higher—inside or outside the old Suwanee County Courthouse. The evidence against his client seems overwhelming. Then Jack gets a break that could turn the case. Jamal’s murder bears disturbing similarities to another lynching that occurred back in the Jim Crow days of 1944. Are the chilling parallels purely coincidental?

With each twist and turn, Jack is convinced that his client may be the victim of something even more sinister than the case presented by the state attorney. For Jack, it’s about the truth. And he’s determined to find it, no matter what the cost.

Reviews - Grippando skims over this timely topic, providing no insights, for example, into how the community will deal with the racial fallout, but those looking for a legal thriller heavy on action will be rewarded.

Tackling racism, white supremacists, and a generations-old lynching, the book is admirably heartfelt and humane. But the forces of evil are cartoons, the subplot feels tacked on, and the conclusion is unsatisfying on every level.

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由James Grippando阅读Jonathan Davis格式:MP3比特率:64 kbps未删节

系列:Jack Swytek,第14册出版商:哈伯科林斯发布日期:2018年2月6日持续时间:12:06:39

从哈珀·李奖的2017位法律小说获奖者中,出现了一个关于种族、政治、不公正和谋杀的有力而及时的故事,就像今天的头条新闻一样令人震惊和煽动。辩护律师Jack Swyteck为一名白人大学生辩护,这名学生被控佛罗里达州半个多世纪以来第一次种族歧视。

当佛罗里达大学的杰出黑人兄弟会主席Jamal Cousin的尸体被发现在苏瓦尼河谷的阴暗的水沼泽中时,死亡引发了一场暴风雨,当一个同学,Mark Towson,普雷斯,暴风雨威胁着失控。一个著名的白人兄弟会被指控犯有罪行。

随着政治紧张局势的加剧、种族动乱以及一个耸人听闻的媒体,托森的辩护律师Jack Swyteck知道,苏维尼郡法院的内部或外部的利害关系不可能更高。对他的委托人的证据似乎是压倒性的。然后杰克得到一个可以扭转局面的机会。贾马尔的谋杀案与另一场在1944 Jim Crow时代发生的私刑有相似之处。冷酷的相似之处纯粹是巧合吗?


评论Grippando skims在这个及时的话题上,没有提供洞察力,例如,社区将如何处理种族冲突,但那些寻找一个沉重的行动的法律惊悚片将会得到回报。


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