Blair Mallory Series – Linda Howard Unabridged (mp3/m4b音频) 744.29 MBs

Blair Mallory Series - Linda Howard Unabridged (mp3/m4b音频) 744.29 MBs




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Blair Mallory Series - Linda Howard Unabridged (mp3/m4b音频) 744.29 MBs




Written by Linda Howard Read by Franette Liebow, Joyce Bean, Natalie Ross Format: MP3 Bitrate: 64 Kbps Unabridged

To Die For Series: Blair Mallory, Book 1 Length: 9 hrs and 37 mins Release date: 08-06-08

Blair Mallory lives the good life. She’s pretty, confidant, and the owner of a thriving up-scale fitness center. But in the shadow of success, a troubled member of the club develops a strange fixation on Blair, imitating her style and dress. Matters take a darker turn when the look-alike is shot dead–and Blair witnesses the horror.

As the media speculates on the tawdry details of the homicide and pushes Blair into the harsh spotlight, she locks horns with police lieutenant Wyatt Bloodsworth. He wants to lead an investigation without interference, while Blair is determined to probe the dead woman’s life on her own. But when someone begins to menace Blair with mounting threats, Wyatt takes notice: Was this murder indeed a lethal case of mistaken identity–and was Blair the intended victim?

Blair’s chirpy asides on everything from underwear to men will wear on readers by the middle of the book, when the plot’s momentum stalls. Still, Blair’s surface fluffiness and underlying savvy make her an engaging narrator, and the book’s witty Southern “take” on womanhood will amuse readers in the region and beyond.

Drop Dead Gorgeous Series: Blair Mallory, Book 2 Length: 8 hrs and 59 mins Release date: 08-07-08

Blair Mallory has already survived one murder attempt. Now, while planning her wedding and dealing with holiday-season madness, Blair once again dodges a bullet. Or more precisely, a Buick. And though the driver’s identity remains a mystery, his or her murderous intentions are all too clear.

Or are they? After all, Blair’s homicidal ex-husband and his partner in crime/wife are safely behind bars. And even Wyatt Bloodsworth, her police detective groom-to-be, isn’t inclined to believe she’s being targeted again. All of which makes Blair wonder if her close call was simply a mishap. But the wondering stops when she narrowly cheats death again in another seemingly innocent accident. Two strikes are all it takes to convince Blair that she’s back in someone’s crosshairs. And the only thing more frightening is that Wyatt still doubts her. That means this time, no one will be watching Blair’s back when she sets out to get the drop on her would-be killer–before whoever it is finally drops her.

Funny and sexy throughout, Howard’s latest is marred only by Wyatt’s shoddy police work, a convenient misstep that propels the plot but rings false. Regardless, fans of this couple will delight in their rematch, and Howard’s recently revealed comedic talents are sure to secure her new readers.

Up Close and Dangerous Length: 8 hrs and 53 mins Release date: 08-12-08

A mysterious plane crash . . . a dangerous trek through the Idaho wilderness . . . a smoldering attraction . . . and a deadly game of cat and mouse. In her latest tour de force of romantic suspense, New York Times best-selling author Linda Howard blends these elements into a gripping story that will keep readers breathless–and leave them begging for more. For in Linda Howard’s world, trust can be a weapon, a kiss can be a threat, and intimacy can be deadly.

Bailey Wingate’s scheming adult stepchildren are surprised when their father’s will leaves Bailey in control of their fortune, and war ensues. A year later, while flying from Seattle to Denver in a small plane, Bailey nearly dies herself when the engine sputters–and then fails.

Cam Justice, her sexy Texan pilot, manages to crash-land the aircraft. Stranded in the wilderness, and struggling to douse her feelings for the ruggedly handsome man by her side, Bailey begins to wonder whether this was a mere accident. Who tampered with their plane? Who’s trying to reunite Bailey and her husband in the afterlife? Cut off from the world, and with little hope of rescue, Bailey must trust her life–and heart–to Cam, as they battle the harsh elements to find a way out of the unforgiving wilds and back to civilization . . . where a killer may be waiting to finish the job.

Sexy, suspenseful, and lightning fast, Up Close and Dangerous showcases a beloved author at her dazzling best.

The third book is not a Blair Mallory novel but was in the CD collection.

书籍中文简介(Translated by 百度翻译):

书籍中文名:Blair Mallory系列- Linda Howard

Linda Howard写的Franette Liebow,Joyce Bean,Natalie Ross格式:MP3比特率:64 kbps未删节

为系列死亡:Blair Mallory,书1长度:9小时和37分钟发行日期:08-0608

Blair Mallory过着美好的生活。她是一个漂亮的知己,是一家规模宏大的健身中心的老板。但在成功的阴影下,俱乐部的一个麻烦成员对布莱尔产生了一种奇怪的固执,模仿她的风格和着装。当相貌被击毙时,事情变得更黑暗,布莱尔见证了恐怖。

当媒体猜测凶杀案的细节,并将布莱尔推到危险的聚光灯下时,她与警察中尉Wyatt Bloodsworth锁上了犄角。他想在没有干涉的情况下领导调查,而布莱尔决心亲自调查死者的生命。但是当有人开始威胁布莱尔时,怀亚特会注意到:这谋杀真的是一个致命的错误身份——布莱尔是受害者吗?


绚丽绚丽系列:Blair Mallory,书2长度:8小时和59分钟发行日期:08-0708

Blair Mallory已经在一次谋杀案中幸存下来。现在,在策划婚礼和应对节日疯狂的同时,布莱尔又一次躲避一颗子弹。或者更确切地说,是别克。虽然司机的身份仍然是一个谜,他或她的杀人意图都太清楚了。

或者是它们?毕竟,布莱尔凶杀的前夫和他的伴侣在犯罪/妻子身上安然入狱。甚至Wyatt Bloodsworth,她的警探新郎,也不愿意相信她再次成为目标。所有这些都让布莱尔想知道她的亲密通话是否只是一场灾难。但是当她在另一个看似无辜的事故中又一次欺骗死亡的时候,她的疑惑停止了。两次打击都是为了说服布莱尔,她回到了别人的十字架上。唯一更可怕的是怀亚特仍然怀疑她。这就是说,当她开始想让她成为杀手的时候,没有人会注意到布莱尔的背影。



一场神秘的飞机失事。…穿越爱达荷荒野的危险跋涉。…阴燃的吸引力…一场致命的猫捉老鼠的游戏。在她最新的浪漫悬念之旅中,纽约时报畅销书作家Linda Howard将这些元素融合成一个引人入胜的故事,让读者们屏息呼吸,让他们乞求更多。在Linda Howard的世界里,信任可以是一种武器,亲吻可以是一种威胁,亲密可以是致命的。

Bailey Wingate的计划生育的成年子女在父亲的遗嘱使贝利控制他们的财产时感到惊讶,战争随之而来。一年后,一架小型飞机从西雅图飞往丹佛时,贝利几乎是在引擎爆裂时死亡的,然后失败了。



第三本书不是Blair Mallory小说,而是CD收藏。

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