Evan Delaney Series – Meg Gardiner Unabridged (mp3/m4b音频) 1.7 GBs

Evan Delaney Series - Meg Gardiner Unabridged (mp3/m4b音频) 1.7 GBs




1.7 GBs



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Evan Delaney Series - Meg Gardiner Unabridged (mp3/m4b音频) 1.7 GBs




Written by Meg Gardiner Read by Tanya Eby Sirois Format: MP3 Bitrate: 64 Kbps Unabridged

China Lake Series: Evan Delaney, Book 1 Length: 11 hrs and 33 mins Brilliance Audio: 2008/2014 for all books

Evan Delaney is shocked to learn that her ex-sister-in-law, Tabitha, has joined the Remnant, a religion with a dangerous and fanatical following. What is more alarming is that the unstable young mother plans to regain custody of her son and disappear with him into the fold of the church. She has the Remnant on her side, and they’ll do anything it takes. Including murder?

Evan is a lawyer and a Sci-Fi author. She really underestimated them. Peter Wyoming and his cult are “Enders” and they plan to speed up the Apocalypse on or near HELL-O-WEEN. They’ll stop at nothing to get what they want including framing her Naval Fighter Pilot brother for Murder! Even Evan’s disabled lawyer boyfriend is in their cross hairs.

A reviews view - The plot is fast moving and Gardiner’s prose is easy to read. Pages will fly as you read. Would I recommend this novel? A resounding YES!

Mission Canyon Series: Evan Delaney, Book 2 Length: 9 hrs and 39 mins Release date: 07-01-08

Evan Delaney has come to terms with the hit-and-run crash that left her boyfriend, Jesse Blackburn, in a wheelchair and killed his best friend. But when she hears that the driver, Franklin Brand, is back in Santa Barbara, she is determined to help Jesse bring him to book for his crime.

Brand was a golden boy at Mako Technologies, a heavyweight cyber-security firm. That’s where Evan starts looking, and as she digs deeper, she finds evidence of theft and extortion. Then witnesses to the hit-and-run start dying. It seems that powerful interests are determined to stop Jesse and Evan - once and for all.

Review - This book is a nonstop action thriller. It is very well written with nail biting suspense. This author rocks!! I don’t feel that it was intense as China Lake but it is still very intense! This definitely is another winner! The book is very well done with the characterization of the characters. This series is a Must Read.

Jericho Point Series: Evan Delaney, Book 3 Length: 9 hrs and 32 mins Release date: 08-05-08

When a young woman tumbles dead onto the beach, the police identify the body. It’s Evan Delaney. Except that Evan is very much alive. It’s her identify that has been stolen. And the thief has compromised more than just Evan’s bank account. She has been scamming money from rich Hollywood wannabes - including a vicious drug boss. He wants his money back. From Evan. Soon she finds herself harassed by drug runners and suspected of murder. She must save herself - but to do that must escape a web of deceit that threatens to destroy not just her, but also her boyfriend Jesse.

Many reviewers gave this low marks – must be the weak one of the series.

Crosscut Series: Evan Delaney, Book 4 Length: 11 hrs and 10 mins Release date: 09-02-08

In the fourth Evan Dalaney novel, Evan returns to China Lake for her high school reunion and discovers that the death toll among her classmates is unusually high. After two classmates are brutally murdered, Evan suspects something is up and begins to piece together what might be killing her classmates.

It all stems back to a day when the group took a field trip to the local Navy base and were exposed to some kind of experiment. The results are still haunting and affecting the group to this day and it also created a serial killer who is hunting down the people on the trip and slowly eliminating them. Evan is forced to dig into her past to find answers and to try and stop the killer before he or she kills again. And when Evan discovers she’s pregnant, things become even more urgent.

A review - The problems of having a first-person perspective begin to break through as the novel progresses. The story requires that some events unfold outside of Evan’s viewpoint and Meg Gardiner shows us those events. It’s all about upping the suspense quotient, but unfortunately it proves distracting in the novel’s final third. Gardiner is forced to jump between three perspectives in the novel’s final pages and it makes the ending seem a bit forced and overly melodramatic.

Kill Chain Series: Evan Delaney, Book 5 Length: 10 hrs and 32 mins Release date: 10-20-08

When Evan Delaney’s father disappears, the cops think he’s fled the country to avoid prosecution. But Evan is sure he’s been abducted or killed for reasons associated with his work for Naval Intelligence. As Evan hunts for clues, an armed man attacks her. The attacker ends up dead—and turns out to be a federal agent. Now Evan is on the run, implicated in his murder. And then she’s contacted by a sinister duo—a madam and gigolo mother-and-son team who claim her father was mixed up in their very dirty business. Can Evan save her father’s reputation—and his life?

A review - A thrill a minute; I could hardly put this book down. I’m so disappointed Gardiner hasn’t written any more books in this series. Don’t leave us hanging, Meg! So much still has to be resolved. And I’m sure our hero and heroine are going to up for another thrilling ride!

书籍中文简介(Translated by 百度翻译):

书籍中文名:Evan Delaney系列- Meg Gardiner

由Meg Gardiner阅读Tanya Eby Sirois格式:MP3比特率:64 kbps未删节

中国湖系列:Evan Delaney,书1长度:11小时和33分钟的辉煌音频:所有书籍的2008/2014

Evan Delaney得知她的前嫂Tabitha加入了残余,这是一个危险且狂热的宗教。更令人担忧的是,这位不稳定的年轻母亲计划重新夺回儿子的监护权,并与他一起消失在教堂的褶皱中。她身边有剩余的东西,他们会做任何事情。包括谋杀?

埃文是律师,也是科幻作家。她真的低估了他们。Peter Wyoming和他的邪教都是“恩人”,他们计划加速地狱或奥维恩附近的启示。他们会不择手段地得到他们想要的东西,包括诬陷她的海军战斗机飞行员兄弟谋杀。就连埃文的残疾律师男友也都是他们的毛骨悚然。


任务峡谷系列:Evan Delaney,书2长度:9小时和39分钟发布日期:07-01-08

Evan Delaney已经接受了撞车撞车事故,她的男友Jesse Blackburn坐在轮椅上撞死了他最好的朋友。但是当她听说司机Franklin Brand回到圣巴巴拉时,她决心帮助杰西带他去为他的罪名登记。



Jelio点系列:Evan Delaney,书3长度:9小时和32分钟发布日期:085-08

当一个年轻女子摔倒在海滩上时,警察认出了尸体。是Evan Delaney。除了埃文非常活跃。她的身份被偷走了。窃贼的妥协不仅仅是埃文的银行账户。她一直在从有钱的好莱坞老板那里骗取钱财,其中包括一个毒枭。他要回他的钱。来自埃文。很快,她发现自己被毒品流氓和谋杀嫌疑犯骚扰。她必须拯救自己——但要做到这一点,必须避免一个威胁到破坏的欺骗网络,不仅仅是她,还有她的男友杰西。


横切系列:Evan Delaney,书4长度:11小时和10分钟发行日期:09-02-08

在第四部Evan Dalaney小说中,埃文回到中国湖参加高中同学聚会,发现她的同班同学的死亡人数异常高。在两个同学被残忍杀害后,埃文怀疑有什么事情发生了,并开始拼凑可能杀死她的同学的东西。


回顾-随着小说的进步,第一人称视角的问题开始突破。这个故事要求一些事件在埃文的观点之外展开,Meg Gardiner向我们展示这些事件。这一切都是关于悬念商的增加,但不幸的是它在小说的最后第三部中分散了注意力。在小说的最后一页,加德纳被迫在三个视角之间跳跃,这使得结尾看起来有点强迫和过于夸张。

杀死链系列:Evan Delaney,书5长度:10小时和32分钟发布日期:10-2008

当Evan Delaney的父亲失踪时,警察认为他逃离了这个国家以避免被起诉。但埃文确信他因与海军情报工作相关的原因被绑架或杀害。当埃文寻找线索时,一名持枪男子袭击了她。袭击者最终死亡,结果是联邦间谍。现在埃文逃跑了,牵连到他的谋杀案中。然后她被一个邪恶的多奥夫人和一个母亲和儿子团队联系起来,声称她父亲被卷入了他们的肮脏勾当。埃文能拯救她父亲的名誉和生命吗?


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