Got Your Number – Stephanie Bond Unabridged (mp3/m4b音频) 299.21 MBs

Got Your Number - Stephanie Bond Unabridged (mp3/m4b音频) 18hrs




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Got Your Number - Stephanie Bond Unabridged (mp3/m4b音频) 299.21 MBs




Written by Stephanie Bond Read by Jodie Bentley Format: MP3 Bitrate: 64 Kbps Unabridged

Roxann Beadleman just received an ominous message that resurrects old secrets, and her debutante cousin Angora Ryder was just jilted at the alter. A road trip to accomplish thing on a life list they made in college leads them back to their alma mater for Homecoming, and to the professor they were both in love with…

But Angora doesn’t know that Roxann is wanted for questioning in a police matter, or that a dangerous criminal could be following them. Detective Joe Capistrano is on their heels, too, determined to charm information out of Roxann and to protect her, whether she wants it or not…

Once Roxann and Angora hit campus, their lives are turned on end. Professor Irresistible is majoring in Seduction, old skeletons are leaping from closets, and Detective Capistrano is closing in. Roxann and angora soon find themselves thrust into a chilling lesson of murder, and if either of them gets out of this mess alive, could true love be at the end of their chase?

书籍中文简介(Translated by 百度翻译):

书籍中文名:得到你的电话号码- Stephanie Bond

由Stephanie Bond阅读Jodie Bentley格式:MP3比特率:64 kbps未删节

Roxann Beadleman刚刚收到了一个不祥的消息,使旧的秘密复活,她刚出世的表妹安哥拉·莱德刚在圣坛上被抛弃。在大学里的一份人生清单上完成一件事情的公路之旅使他们回到母校返校,并爱上了他们所爱的教授。

但是安哥拉不知道Roxann在警察事件中被要求审讯,或者一个危险的罪犯可能追随他们。Joe Capistrano侦探也在紧跟着,决心从罗克珊那里引诱信息,保护她,不管她是否愿意……


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