I, Partridge – Alan Partridge Unabridged (mp3/m4b音频+mobi) 218.67 MBs

I, Partridge - Alan Partridge Unabridged (mp3/m4b音频) 218.67 MBs




218.67 MBs



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I, Partridge - Alan Partridge Unabridged (mp3/m4b音频+mobi) 218.67 MBs




Written by Alan PartridgeRead by Alan PartridgeFormat: MP3Bitrate: VariableUnabridged

Journalist, presenter, broadcaster, husband, father, vigorous all-rounder – Alan Partridge – a man with a fascinating past and an amazing future. Gregarious and popular, yet Alan’s never happier than when relaxing in his own five-bedroom, south-built house with three acres of land and access to a private stream. But who is this mysterious enigma?

Alan Gordon Partridge is the best – and best-loved – radio presenter in the region. Born into a changing world of rationing, Teddy Boys, apes in space and the launch of ITV, Alan’s broadcasting career began as chief DJ of Radio Smile at St. Luke’s Hospital in Norwich. After replacing Peter Flint as the presenter of Scout About, he entered the top 8 of BBC sports presenters.

But Alan’s big break came with his primetime BBC chat show Knowing Me, Knowing You. Sadly, the show battled against poor scheduling, having been put up against News at Ten, then in its heyday. Due to declining ratings, a single catastrophic hitch (the killing of a guest on air) and the dumbing down of network TV, Alan’s show was cancelled. Not to be dissuaded, he embraced this opportunity to wind up his production company, leave London and fulfil a lifelong ambition to return to his roots in local radio.

Now single, Alan is an intensely private man but he opens up, for the second time, in this candid, entertaining, often deeply emotional – and of course compelling – memoir, written entirely in his own words. (Alan quickly dispelled the idea of using a ghost writer. With a grade B English Language O-Level, he knew he was up to the task.)

He speaks touchingly about his tragic Toblerone addiction, and the painful moment when unsold copies of his first autobiography, Bouncing Back, were pulped like ‘word porridge’. He reveals all about his relationship with his ex-Ukrainian girlfriend, Sonja, with whom he had sex at least twice a day, and the truth about the thick people who make key decisions at the BBC.

A literary tour de force, I, Partridge: We Need to Talk About Alan charts the incredible journey of one of our greatest broadcasters.

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书籍中文名:我,Partridge - Alan Partridge

由Alan PartridgeFormat编写的Alan PartridgeRead:MP3BITRATION:变量未删节

记者、主持人、播音员、丈夫、父亲、充满活力的全才——Alan Partridge——一个有着迷人的过去和令人惊叹的未来的人。合群和流行,但艾伦从来没有快乐比当放松在自己的五间卧室,南建房子与三英亩的土地和进入私人溪流。但是这个神秘的谜是谁呢?

Alan Gordon Partridge是该地区最受欢迎和最受欢迎的电台主持人。出生在一个不断变化的配给世界,Teddy Boys,猿在空间和发射的ITV,艾伦的广播生涯开始作为首席DJ的电台微笑在圣卢克医院在诺维奇。在取代Peter Flint担任童子军主持人后,他进入了英国广播公司体育节目主持人的前8名。





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