JACK THE RIPPER – a selection Unabridged (mp3/m4b音频) 1.77 GBs

JACK THE RIPPER - a selection Unabridged (mp3/m4b音频) 1.77 GBs




1.77 GBs



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JACK THE RIPPER - a selection Unabridged (mp3/m4b音频) 1.77 GBs




1 On the Trail of JTR AN INVESTIGATION INTO THE TRUE IDENTITY OF THE MOST INFAMOUS & ELUSIVE MURDERER OF ALL TIME,THESE CASSETES INCLUDE DETAILS AND DESCRIPTIONS OF TRUE REAL MURDERS 2 Dust and Shadows In Dust and Shadow Sherlock Holmes hunts down Jack the Ripper with impeccably accurate historical detail, rooting the Whitechapel investigation in the fledgling days of tabloid journalism and clinical psychology. This astonishing debut explores the terrifying prospect of hunting down one of the world’s first serial killers without the advantage of modern forensics or profiling. Sherlock’s desire to stop the killer who is terrifying the East End of London is unwavering from the start, and in an effort to do so he hires an “unfortuate” known as Mary Ann Monk, the friend of a fellow streetwalker who was one of the Ripper’s earliest victims. However, when Holmes himself is wounded in Whitechapel attempting to catch the villain, and a series of articles in the popular press question his role in the crimes, he must use all his resources in a desperate race to find the man known as “The Knife” before it is too late. Penned as a pastiche by the loyal and courageous Dr. Watson, Dust and Shadow recalls the ideals evinced by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s most beloved and world-renowned characters, while testing the limits of their strength in a fight to protect the women of London, Scotland Yard, and the peace of the city itself. 3 Lestrade and the Ripper As the victims of the infamous Jack the Ripper mount in 1888 London, Inspector Sholto Lestrade has his hands full investigating a simultaneous string of killings in nearby Brighton. 4 A Study in Red Following the death of his father, psychiatrist Robert Cavendish is bequeathed a set of papers and a strange age-yellowed journal. As he unpacks and begins to read the papers he is astounded to discover that he is holding the journal of the infamous Whitechapel Murderer who stalked the streets of the East End of London in the autumn of 1888. The pages are warm to the touch, and a force of great malevolence seems to guide Robert’s journey through the mists of time as he is transported by the words upon the pages into the mind, and the world of the one and only Jack the Ripper! His mind begins to feel the pull of another time, another place, as images of the Ripper’s crimes fill his thoughts and Robert is beset by waking nightmares of such sadistic and terrible bloodletting that he begins to doubt his sanity. As he delves further and further into the demented world of the killer Robert begins to sense that his family has been hiding a terrible secret for over a century, a secret that he knows will only be revealed when he completes the task of reading `The Secret Journal of Jack the Ripper’. 5 The Diary of JTR The writer of the horrific journal is James Maybrick, a depraved drug-taking, womanising 49-year-old Liverpool cotton merchant with a history of domestic violence. In this bestselling analysis of his diary, investigative author Shirley Harrison explains all about the origins of the text, the rigorous scientific analysis it has endured and reveals startling new information about Maybrick’s shadowy background. All this, combined with a chilling confession scratched into a watch, ‘I am Jack. J Maybrick,’ provide powerful justification that Maybrick was Jack the Ripper. The diary itself is reproduced in full, so that you too can judge whether these are the deeply disturbing words of Jack the Ripper himself, reaching out from across the abyss of more than a century 6 Yours Truly JTR A 1940’s radio play with Peter Lorre

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1在JTR的追踪中,对最臭名昭著、难以捉摸的凶手的真实身份进行了调查,这些暗盒包括细节和描述真实的凶杀案2灰尘和阴影在尘土中,Shadow Sherlock Holmes用精确的历史记录猎杀了杰克。CAL细节,扎根白皮书调查小报新闻和临床心理学初出茅庐的日子。这个惊人的处女作探索了一个可怕的前景,寻找一个世界上第一个连环杀手没有现代取证或剖析优势。Sherlock想要阻止凶手是伦敦东部的一个恐怖分子的愿望从一开始就毫不动摇,并且为了这样做,他雇佣了一个“不可预知”的Mary Ann Monk,他是一个街舞者的朋友,他是开膛手最早的受害者之一。然而,当福尔摩斯本人在Whitechapel试图抓住恶棍时受伤,而在大众媒体中的一系列文章质疑他在犯罪中的作用时,他必须在绝望的竞争中利用他所有的资源来寻找被称为“刀”的人,否则为时已晚。被忠贞勇敢的Watson博士塑造成一个模仿者,《尘土与阴影》回忆了阿瑟·柯南·道尔爵士最受人喜爱和世界闻名的人物所表现出来的理想,同时在保卫伦敦妇女、苏格兰庭院和和平的斗争中考验他们的力量极限。城市本身。3列斯特雷德和Ripper作为臭名昭著的杰克在1888伦敦的开膛手山的受害者,Inspector Sholto Lestrade有充分的调查在布赖顿附近的连串杀人事件。4,在他父亲去世后,一位研究者在Robert Cavendish博士的遗嘱中遗赠了一组论文和一本奇怪的年代黄的日记。当他打开包裹,开始读报纸时,他惊愕地发现自己手里拿着一本臭名昭著的白皮书杀人凶手的日记,他在1888年底在伦敦东区的街道上徘徊。书页是温暖的触摸,一个巨大的邪恶力量似乎引导罗伯特穿越时间迷雾的旅程,因为他是由网页上的文字传送到头脑,以及世界上唯一的开膛手杰克!他的心灵开始感觉到另一个时代的牵引,另一个地方,Ripper的罪行的图像充斥着他的思想,罗伯特被这种残忍和可怕的放血的噩梦所困扰,他开始怀疑他的理智。当他深入到杀人者的癫狂世界中时,罗伯特开始意识到他的家族已经隐藏了一个世纪的可怕秘密,他知道的秘密只有在他完成阅读《开膛手杰克秘密日记》的任务时才会显露出来。5恐怖杂志的作者JTR的日记是James Maybrick,一个堕落的吸毒者,49岁的利物浦妇女商人,有着家庭暴力的历史。在这本畅销书的日记分析中,调查作者Shirley Harrison解释了文本的起源,它所经受的严谨的科学分析,揭示了Maybrick朦胧背景的惊人的新信息。所有这些,加上一块冷冰冰的忏悔表,“我是杰克。”J·梅布里克,“有力地证明了Maybrick是开膛手杰克。日记本身被充分地再现,所以你也可以判断这些是不是开膛手杰克自己的令人深感不安的话,从一个多世纪的深渊中伸出,6是你真正的JTR,是彼得·洛的1940个广播剧。

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