Solar Bones – Mike McCormack Unabridged (mp3/m4b音频) 281.82 MBs

Solar Bones - Mike McCormack Unabridged (mp3/m4b音频) 281.82 MBs




281.82 MBs



有声电子书名(Audiobook name):

Solar Bones - Mike McCormack Unabridged (mp3/m4b音频) 281.82 MBs




Written by Mike McCormack Read by Tim Gerard Reynolds Format: MP3 Bitrate: 80 Kbps Unabridged

©2016, ℗2017, 9h, 72Kbps VBR mono (made via LAME 3.99 from Inaudible M4B). Includes eBook.

from Publisher’s Description: “Funny and strange, McCormack’s ambitious and other-worldly novel plays with form and defies convention. This is profound new work is by one of Ireland’s most important contemporary novelists. A beautiful and haunting elegy, this story of order and chaos, love and loss captures how minor decisions ripple into waves and test our integrity every day.”

from NYT review [minor spoilers]: “Mike McCormack’s ‘Solar Bones’ (winner of the Goldsmiths Prize and longlisted for the Man Booker) is a wonderfully original, distinctly contemporary book, with a debt to modernism but up to something all its own.

On Nov. 2, All Souls’ Day (when Catholics pray for the souls in purgatory), the civil engineer Marcus Conway finds himself in his kitchen feeling inexplicably disoriented, as if suddenly untethered from the world. In fact he is dead, a ghost, but he does not realize it. He hears the noontime Angelus bell from across the parish, remembers that his children have grown and moved on, and wonders how he is going to pass the four hours until his wife, Mairead, gets home from work. Finding newspapers on the table, he falls into a pedantic reverie on current events (he is not really a pedant, more a perennial worrier) that spills into thoughts of his life, then stories from his past, one cascading into another. The roughly 200 pages that follow draw together memories of family and work struggles, local and national politics, public works projects, medical crises, art, travel — in short, a life — all of it delivered in lucid, lyrical prose, with line breaks that rarely disrupt but act more like breaths, as if spoken by a friend across the table.”

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书籍中文简介(Translated by 百度翻译):

书籍中文名:太阳骨骼- Mike McCormack

由Mike McCormack阅读Tim Gerard Reynolds格式:MP3比特率:80 kbps未删节

2016,2017,9H,72kbPS-VBR单(通过LAME 3.99从听不见的M4B制成)。包括电子书。


从《纽约时报》评论(小破坏者):“Mike McCormack的‘太阳骨头’(金匠奖得主,为布克)长期著称)是一本非常新颖、鲜明的当代书籍,它对现代主义负有责任,但也有其独特之处。

11月2日,所有的灵魂日(当天主教徒为炼狱中的灵魂祈祷),土木工程师Marcus Conway发现自己在厨房里感到莫名其妙地迷失方向,仿佛突然脱离了世界。事实上,他死了,是个鬼,但他没有意识到。他从教堂对面听到中午的安吉洛斯-贝尔,他记得他的孩子们已经长大了,继续往前走,想知道他将如何度过四个小时,直到他的妻子迈克雷下班回家。在桌上找到报纸,他对时事(他并不是一个迂腐的人,而是一个多年生的忧愁者)陷入了迂腐的遐想,这使他陷入了对自己生活的思索,接着是他过去的故事,一个又一个的故事。大概有200页的文章把家庭和工作的斗争、地方和国家的政治、公共事业项目、医疗危机、艺术、旅行——简而言之,一个生命——所有这些都用清晰、抒情的散文来传递,其中的断线很少打断,但更像呼吸。就像桌子对面的一个朋友说的那样。



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