The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – Stieg Larsson Unabridged (mp3/m4b音频) 675.41 MBs

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - Stieg Larsson Unabridged (mp3/m4b音频) 675.41 MBs




675.41 MBs



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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - Stieg Larsson Unabridged (mp3/m4b音频) 675.41 MBs




Written by Stieg LarssonFormat: MP3Bitrate: 128 Kbps

Stieg Larsson is the best Swedish crime writer of the decade - Kristianstadbladet a violently entertaining trilogy…may it never end - Arbetarbladet A huge, 500-plus-page opus, a multilayered, multi-character tale by a writer of some considerable power. Full of social conscience and compassion, with great insight into the nature of moral corruption, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo just knocked me out. During the time I had my nose stuck in its pages, I was thoroughly consumed by the work, and in those periods when I had to put the book down, I found myself grumpy and anxious to return to Larsson’s narrative when I finally put the book down, I was still unable to sleep, my head filled with the high-definition world that this author has crafted already I’m thinking this could be remembered as the best crime novel of 2008 This book shows how exhilarating crime fiction can be. Ali Karim, The Rap Sheet website. a publishing sensation, an accomplished crime writer who seemingly came from nowhere a memorable debut and deserves most of the hype with which it is being published in this country Crime fiction has seldom needed to salute and mourn such a stellar talent as Larsson’s in the same breath - Sunday Times The ballyhoo is fully justified…At over 500 pages this hardly sagged…The novel scores on every front - character, story, atmosphere - The Times What a cracking novel! I haven’t read such a stunning thriller debut for years. The way Larsson interweaves his two stories had me in thrall from beginning to end. Brilliantly written and totally gripping

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斯蒂格·拉森是瑞典十年来最好的犯罪作家——克里斯蒂安斯塔德布莱德,一部激烈而有趣的三部曲……也许永远不会结束——Arbetarbladet是一部巨大的、500页的作品,是一个有着相当力量的作家的多层、多角色的故事。充满了社会良知和同情心,对道德堕落的本质有了深刻的了解,龙纹身的女孩把我打昏了。在我把鼻子塞进书页的那一刻,我被工作彻底吞没了,在我不得不放下书的那段时间里,我发现自己脾气暴躁,急切地想回到拉尔森的叙述中,当我终于把书放下时,我还是睡不着,脑袋里满是作者已经精心设计的高清晰度世界,我想这本书可以作为2008年度最佳犯罪小说被记述,这本书展示了令人兴奋的犯罪小说。Ali Karim,说唱片网站。Hoppth.BogStut.BogSPOT.COM/77/12/GABAN-LARSSON.H.S.A出版的轰动,一个有成就的犯罪作家,他似乎从一个地方出现了一个值得纪念的处女作,值得大多数在这个国家犯罪小说中发表的宣传,很少有人需要向他敬礼。像拉尔松一样的明星天赋——星期日的《喧嚣》是完全合理的……超过500页,这几乎不下垂……小说在每一个方面的成绩——人物、故事、气氛——《时代》真是一部绝妙的小说!多年来我没有看过如此惊险的惊悚片首演。拉尔松把他的两个故事交织在一起,使我始终陷入困境。笔墨精湛

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