The Mackintoshes and McLarens ~ Books 1-4 – Suzan Tisdale Unabridged (mp3/m4b音频) 2.02 GBs




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The Mackintoshes and McLarens ~ Books 1-4 - Suzan Tisdale Unabridged (mp3/m4b音频) 2.02 GBs




Written by Suzan Tisdale Read by Brad Wills Format: Mixed Bitrate: Variable Unabridged

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Ian’s Rose The Mackintoshes and McLarens, Book 1 By: Suzan Tisdale Narrated by: Brad Wills Series: The Mackintoshes and McLarens, Book 1 Length: 9 hrs and 41 mins Unabridged Audiobook Release date: 12-12-16 Language: English Publisher: Suzan Tisdale

Publisher’s Summary

They should never have stolen his wife.

Ian Mackintosh and his bride, Rose, return to McLaren Lands to rebuild all that was destroyed by the previous laird. Believing bad times and evil men are behind them, they’ve let their guard down. Ian’s world is turned upside down one cold winter’s night when Rose is kidnapped.

Desperate, he is willing to make a deal with the devil himself in order to ensure her safe return. And he may have done just that when he agrees to work with the brother of the man responsible for tearing his world apart.

Is there a price too high to save the woman you love? ©2016 Suzan Tisdale (P)2016 Suzan Tisdale


The Bowie Bride The Mackintoshes and McLarens, Book 2 By: Suzan Tisdale Narrated by: Brad Wills Series: The Mackintoshes and McLarens, Book 2 Length: 14 hrs and 7 mins Unabridged Audiobook Release date: 08-09-17 Language: English Publisher: Suzan Tisdale

Publisher’s Summary

Alec Bowie never wanted a wife. He never wanted a hearth and home. And he most assuredly never wanted to be chief of his clan. But much to his vexation, he finds himself in possession of all three. His desire for peace and to protect his clan are stronger than his desire to remain free and untethered. He agrees to the marriage in the hopes his wife will bed him only long enough get with child then leave him the bloody hell alone.

Leona MacDowall - or Leona “Odd Eyes”, Leona the Witch, or Leona the Devil’s Spawn depending on to whom you speak - is all too happy to volunteer to marry the Bowie Chief. Though the clan Bowie’s reputation as murderers and thieves precedes them, she believes life with Alec more palatable than living the rest of her life untouched, unmarried, and under the hateful rule of her spiteful father.

But nothing turns out the way they expect. Alec doesn’t know if he can keep to his original plan of leaving his wife alone after he gets her with child. Leona is beginning to suspect she might not get the happy home she’s always wanted. And worst of all, someone’s set on murdering Leona - and might just succeed before anyone’s dreams can come true. ©2017 Suzan Tisdale (P)2017 Suzan Tisdale


Rodrick the Bold The Mackintoshes and McLarens, Book 3 By: Suzan Tisdale Narrated by: Brad Wills Series: The Mackintoshes and McLarens, Book 3 Length: 5 hrs and 48 mins Unabridged Audiobook Release date: 04-14-18 Language: English Publisher: Author’s Republic

Publisher’s Summary

A beautiful lass with hair the color of fire and eyes of emerald green would be a dream most men would happily invite. But these dreams of the lass calling to him and begging for his help haunt Rodrick the Bold. When the nightmares become too much, he sets off to find the lass who calls to him nightly. Not known for his warm heart or his eloquent way with words, he seeks to rescue her if only to be free of the torment.

Held as the pawn in a plot of treachery and deceit, Muriel MacFarland does not know who to trust or believe. Her once quiet, ordinary life is torn asunder when she is kidnapped and sold. Tormented and abused, she gives up all hope of a rescue by her brother and believes her life is no longer worth living.

Can Muriel put her faith, trust, and life in the hands of the stranger who comes to rescue her? Will Rodrick the Bold’s wish for a family of his own come true? ©2018 Suzan Tisdale (P)2018 Suzan Tisdale


Brogan’s Promise The Mackintoshes and McLarens, Book 4 By: Suzan Tisdale Narrated by: Brad Wills Series: The Mackintoshes and McLarens, Book 4 Length: 15 hrs and 19 mins Unabridged Audiobook Release date: 12-14-17 Language: English Publisher: Suzan Tisdale

Publisher’s Summary

Whisky made her forget. One man’s love will help her remember.

He could have walked away when he learned of his bride’s secret - that she is a raging alcoholic. But Brogan Mackintosh is not the kind of man to turn a blind eye to someone in need. He battled his own demons and won the fight against drink years before. Facing the challenges head-on, like the battle-hardened warrior he is, he is determined to help his new bride overcome the demons that haunt her. And he might even learn the truth surrounding the murders of her husband and infant son.

Mairghread Mactavish isn’t sure she can continue to breathe anymore without the aid of wine and whisky. Plunging herself into the dark abyss of drunkenness was the only place where she could catch glimpses, bits and pieces of her memory from the night her world was torn apart. When she learns the truth about the man she is to marry - a man who has murdered more than one wife and raped countless other women - she makes a desperate decision to marry Brogan Mackintosh instead. Brogan offers her more than a way out of marrying a murderer, however. He might be the only man who can give her back the life she once lived.

This is a story about overcoming grief and alcoholism and finding true love in your darkest hours. ©2017 Suzan Tisdale (P)2017 Suzan Tisdale

书籍中文简介(Translated by 百度翻译):

书籍中文名:麦金托什和迈克拉伦斯图书1-4 - Suzan Tisdale

由Brad Wills Suzan Tisdale格式阅读:混合比特率:变量未删节












伊恩的玫瑰《麦金托什》和《McLarens》,第1卷:Suzan Tisdale讲述:Brad Wills系列:麦金托什和McLarens,书1长度:9小时和41分钟未删节的有声书发行日期:12-12 16种语言:英国出版商:Suzan Tisdale



Ian Mackintosh和他的新娘,罗斯,回到迈凯轮土地重建所有被前莱德摧毁。相信坏时光和邪恶的人在他们后面,他们已经放松了警惕。当玫瑰被绑架的时候,伊恩的世界颠倒了,一个寒冷的冬天的夜晚。


有没有太高的代价去拯救你所爱的女人?ρ2016 Suzan Tisdale(p)2016 Suzan Tisdale


鲍伊新娘麦金托什和McLarens,第2册:Suzan Tisdale讲述:Brad Wills系列:麦金托什和McLarens,书2长度:14小时和7分钟未删节的有声书发行日期:08:0917语言:英国出版商:Suzan Tisdale


Alec Bowie从不想要妻子。他从不想要壁炉和家。他绝对不想成为自己家族的首领。但对他的烦恼,他发现自己拥有所有三个。他渴望和平和保护他的部族比他想要保持自由和不受束缚的愿望更强烈。他同意婚姻,希望他的妻子能在床上陪他一辈子,然后让他独自一人呆在地狱里。

Leona MacDowall或利昂娜“古怪的眼睛”,利昂娜女巫,或利昂娜,魔鬼的产卵,取决于你所说的人,都很乐意自愿与鲍伊酋长结婚。虽然Bowie家族的凶手和小偷的名声在他们之前,但她相信亚历克的生活比她余下的生命没有触动,未婚,在她邪恶的父亲可恶的统治下更令人愉快。

但没有什么能改变他们的期望。亚历克不知道他是否能在他生孩子后留下他妻子单独留下的原始计划。利昂娜开始怀疑她可能没有得到她一直想要的幸福的家。最糟糕的是,有人开始谋杀利昂娜,可能在任何人的梦想成真之前都会成功。ρ2017 Suzan Tisdale(p)2017 Suzan Tisdale


罗德里克大胆的麦金托什和McLarens,第3册:Suzan Tisdale:Brad Wills系列:麦金托什和McLarens,书3长度:5小时和48分钟未删节的有声读物发行日期:04-14-18语言:英国出版商:作者的共和国



Muriel MacFarland在一个背叛和欺骗的阴谋中扮演了一个角色,他不知道该相信谁或相信谁。当她被绑架和卖掉时,她曾经平静、平凡的生活被撕碎了。她被折磨和虐待,放弃了她哥哥拯救一切的希望,认为她的生命不再值得生活。

Muriel能把她的信仰、信任和生命交给来救她的陌生人吗?Will Rodrick的大胆愿望是他自己的家庭实现吗?ρ2018 Suzan Tisdale(p)2018 Suzan Tisdale


布罗根承诺麦金托什和McLarens,第4册:Suzan Tisdale:Brad Wills系列:麦金托什和McLarens,书4长度:15小时和19分钟未删节的有声书发行日期:1214-17语言:英国出版商:Suzan Tisdale



当他得知新娘的秘密——她是一个愤怒的酗酒者时,他就可以走开了。但Brogan Mackintosh不是那种对需要帮助的人视而不见的人。他与自己的恶魔搏斗,赢得了几年前对抗酗酒的战斗。面对正面的挑战,就像他是一个坚强的战士,他决心帮助他的新婚新娘战胜困扰她的恶魔。他甚至可以知道谋杀她丈夫和儿子的真相。


这是一个关于克服悲伤和酗酒,在你最黑暗的时刻找到真爱的故事。ρ2017 Suzan Tisdale(p)2017 Suzan Tisdale

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