The Laughing Monsters: A Novel Unabridged (mp3+mobi) 6hrs

The Laughing Monsters: A Novel Unabridged (mp3+mobi) 6hrs







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The Laughing Monsters: A Novel Unabridged (mp3+mobi) 6hrs




Written by: Denis Johnson

Narrated by: Scott Shepherd

Length: 6 hrs and 3 mins

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date:11-04-14

Publisher: Macmillan Audio

A post-9/11 literary spy thriller from the National Book Award-winning author of Tree of Smoke.

Roland Nair calls himself Scandinavian, but travels on a U.S. passport. After 10 years' absence, he returns to Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone, to reunite with his friend Michael Adriko. They once made a lot of money here during the country's civil war, and, curious to see whether good luck will strike twice in the same place, Nair allows himself to be drawn back to a region he considers hopeless.

Adriko is an African who styles himself a soldier of fortune and who claims to have served, at various times, the Ghanaian army, the Kuwaiti Emiri Guard, and the American Green Berets. He's probably broke now, but he remains, at 36, as stirred by his own doubtful schemes as he was a decade ago.

Although Nair believes some kind of money-making plan lies at the back of it all, Adriko's stated reason for inviting his friend to Freetown is for Nair to meet Adriko's fiancée, a grad student girl named Davidia from Colorado. Together the three set out to visit Adriko's clan in the Uganda-Congo borderland - but each of these travelers is keeping secrets from the others.

Shadowed by Interpol, the Mossad, and MI6, Nair gets mired in lust and betrayal in a landscape of frighteningly casual violence as he travels with Adriko and Davidia, gets smuggled into a war zone, gets kidnapped by the Congo Army, and is terrorized by a self-proclaimed god ruling over a dying village. Their journey through a land abandoned by the future leads Adriko, Nair, and Davidia to meet themselves not in a new light, but rather in a new darkness.

A high-suspense tale of kaleidoscoping loyalties in the post-9/11 world, Denis Johnson's The Laughing Monsters shows one of our great novelists at the top of his game.

书籍中文简介(Translated by 百度翻译):


作者:Denis Johnson

旁白:Scott Shepherd





一个事件/ 11文学间谍惊悚片从国家图书奖获奖作者树烟。

Roland Nair称自己的斯堪的纳维亚,但前往美国的护照。阔别10年后,他回到弗里敦,塞拉利昂的首都,与他的朋友Michael Adriko团聚。他们曾经赚了很多钱,这里的国家的内战期间,好奇,看看是否会有好运两次击中同一个地方,奈尔允许自己被拉回到了一个他认为无望的区域。


尽管奈尔相信某种赚钱的计划是在这一切的背后,Adriko说,邀请他的朋友来弗里敦是奈尔见到Adriko的未婚夫éE,一个学生叫Davidia的女孩来自科罗拉多。在一起三出发去乌干达刚果边疆- Adriko的家族但这些旅客是保守秘密的人。


一个大悬念kaleidoscoping忠诚在9 / 11世界的故事,Denis Johnson的笑怪物显示我们的一个伟大的小说家在巅峰。

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