Conversations with Van Gogh Unabridged (mp3) 2hrs

Conversations with Van Gogh Unabridged (mp3) 2hrs







有声电子书名(Audiobook name):

Conversations with Van Gogh Unabridged (mp3) 2hrs




Written by: Vincent Van Gogh, Simon Parke

Narrated by: Andy Havill

Length: 2 hrs and 24 mins

Audible Ratings: 4.00 (17 ratings)

Vincent van Gogh is best known for two things – his sunflowers and his ear-cutting. But there are many other ways of knowing this remarkable son of a Dutch pastor, who left his chill homeland for the sunshine of Arles in the South of France; and left us over a thousand frank letters of struggle and joy, to help us glimpse his inner world.

Vincent came late to painting after spending time in London trying to be a Christian missionary. And though he is now amongst the most famous artists on earth, in his day, no one saw him coming – apart from one French art critic called Aurier. It is possible he never sold one of his paintings in his life time.

When he discovered the sun in Arles, he also discovered energy. Yellow for him was the colour of hope, and in his last two years he painted almost a canvass a day. But hope ran out on July 27th, 1890 when he shot himself, aged 37. He was at this time six months out of a mental institution, where perhaps he experienced his greatest calm. Vincent compared himself to a stunted plant; damaged by the emotional frost of his childhood.

‘Speaking with Vincent – which he insists on being called – was a privilege,’ says Simon Parke. ‘He’s endlessly fascinating, contradictory, moving, funny, insightful and tragic. There’s a fury in him; but also a great kindness. He found harmony in human relationships elusive; his love life was a painful shambles. But with colour, he was a harmonic genius, and he has much to say about this. And here’s the thing: for a man who killed himself – he died in the arms of his brother on July 29th – spending time with him was never anything but life-affirming.’

书籍中文简介(Translated by 百度翻译):

作者:Vincent Van Gogh,Simon Parke

叙述者:Andy Havill



文森特梵高是最着名的两件事 - 他的向日葵和他的耳朵切割。但是,还有许多其他方式可以了解这位荷兰牧师的杰出儿子,他在法国南部离开了寒冷的家园阿尔勒的阳光;给我们一千多封坦诚的斗争和喜悦信,帮助我们窥探他的内心世界。

文森特花时间在伦敦试图成为一名基督教传教士后,迟到了画画。虽然他现在是地球上最着名的艺术家之一,但在他当天,没有人看到他来了 - 除了一位法国艺术评论家奥里尔(Aurier)外,在他的一生中他可能没有卖过他的一幅画。


西蒙·帕克(Simon Parke)说:“他坚持要求的文森特是特权。 “他无休止地迷住,矛盾,动人,有趣,富有洞察力和悲剧性。他有一个愤怒;也是一个很好的善良。他发现人际关系中的和谐难以捉摸;他的爱情生活是一场痛苦的摇摆。但是随着颜色的变化,他是一个和谐的天才,他对此很有兴趣。这就是这样的事情:对于一个杀死自己的人,他7月29日在兄弟的怀里死亡 - 与他一起度过的事情永远不会是生命肯定的。

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