The Disappearing Spoon Unabridged (mp3音频+mobi+epub+pdf) 12hrs

The Disappearing Spoon Unabridged (mp3音频+mobi+epub+pdf) 12hrs







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The Disappearing Spoon Unabridged (mp3音频+mobi+epub+pdf) 12hrs




By: Sam Kean

Narrated by: Sean Runnette

Length: 12 hrs and 35 mins


Release date: 08-18-10

Language: English

Those of you who try but can’t always avoid grabbing handrails on subways and buses may be relieved to know that elements used by many transportation systems — like copper and silver — are naturally antibacterial. The structure and composition of the metal is somehow able to inactivate the bacteria, making it an ideal surface for things like…subway handrails.

This is the type of instantly lovable, immediately gratifying knowledge you get from Sam Kean’s The Disappearing Spoon, a fascinating column-by-column, row-by-row dissection of the periodic table. Kean must be commended for turning what could have been boring historical and scientific accounts into bite-sized human dramas filled with humorous moments and ironic twists. The predictable accounts of science heroes like Marie Curie and Dmitri Mendeleev are given fresh new spins, while the tales of lesser-known scientists are told with gusto. Only in the last few chapters did things get a little heady for me, but I’m admittedly on a steep learning curve when it comes to atoms, electrons, neutrons, and the like.

The remarkably intriguing narration by Sean Runnette is the icing on the cake here. He had his work cut out for him — even in good hands, the science could be overbearing for a narrator to effectively relay to the listener. Runnette gives weight to the text by employing an authoritative but gently understanding tone of voice. He doesn’t pose as the high school science teacher reading from the textbook, but instead as the calm and patient tutor willing to work with you until you understand. His David Strathairn-like voice works to keep you entertained even while discussing P-shells, superatoms, Molybdenum, and the causes of Japan’s Itai-itai disease. Runnette’s standout moments come when describing the constant bickering between scientists claiming ownership over element discoveries. He voices these sections with such giddy, tongue-in-cheek glee that the listener can’t help but chuckle along. This ability to reach across the periodic table into the common interests of non-science loving listeners is key to the success of Runnette’s narration. Armed with Runnette’s performance, The Dissappearing Spoon amounts to a captivating audio account of the history, science, and meaning behind the elements on the periodic table. —Josh Ravitz

书籍中文简介(Translated by 百度翻译):


作者:Sam Kean

讲述了:Sean Runnette






这是一种即时的可爱的,立即令人满意的知识,你从Sam Kean的《消失的勺子》中获得一个有趣的专栏,一行一行地清理周期表。基恩必须把那些令人厌烦的历史和科学报道变成一部充满幽默和讽刺性的人类戏剧。科学的英雄Marie Curie和Dmitri Mendeleev的预测都赋予新的旋转,而鲜为人知的科学家的故事说的津津有味。只有在最后几章中,我才有点兴奋,但我承认,当涉及到原子、电子、中子等等时,我的学习曲线是陡峭的。

Sean Runnette的非常有趣的叙述来锦上添花。他适合他的工作—即使在良好的手中,科学可以咄咄逼人的叙述者有效传递给听众。runnette重视文本采用权威但温柔的理解的声音。他并不像高中的理科老师那样从课本上读,而是作为一个冷静耐心的老师愿意和你一起工作直到你理解为止。他像大卫斯特雷泽恩一样的声音的作品让你开心甚至在讨论p-shells,超,钼,和日本的痛痛病的病因。Runnette最出色的时刻不断的争吵的科学家声称在描述元素的发现所有权之间。他用令人愉快的、兴奋的、激动的声音说这些章节,听众忍不住咯咯地笑了起来。这种能力跨越周期表为非科学爱听众的共同利益的关键是Runnette小说叙事的成功。有Runnette的表演,相当于一个迷人的dissappearing勺音频帐户的历史,科学,和后面的元素周期表的意义。—Josh Ravitz

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